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If the search is for more than just a roof over your head, you need a strong partner.

  • Our services for sellers
    • General topics for consultation in real estate sales
      1. Current market situation
      2. Expected incidental costs
      3. Taxes and real estate income tax
      4. Economic conditions
    • In-depth inspection of your property
    • Preparation of brokerage contracts and authorisations
    • Creation of a recording log
    • Collection of all relevant data, facts and clarification of all legal provisions
    1. Land registry extract
      1. Clarification of registered and non-registered burdens and easements
      2. Review of the information and extraction the necessary documents
    2. Obtaining planning documents
    3. Relevant certifications
    4. Site plans / safety plans / tirisMap / hours of sunshine
    5. Detailed infrastructure information
    6. Property management / utility costs / protocol / service charge reserve
    7. Correspondence and telephone calls with authorities and partners
    • Development of a marketing concept
    • Joint evaluation and conclusion of a realistic market value for your property
    • Creation of professional photo material and image post-production
    • Creation of a professional sales material
    • Advertisement of your property in the relevant print media - including necessary amendments
    • Advertisement on our own homepage as well as on selected and suitable real estate portals
    • Creation and posting - Facebook advertisement
    • Creation and listing - Google text advertisement
    • Telephone marketing and mailings to potential clients
    • Conducting of discussions with interested parties'
    • Prospective financial screening (income, job, credit, payment behaviour)
    • Organisation and management of viewings with interested parties
    • Processing of all communication and correspondence - answering and processing of property requests by mail & telephone
    • Support and advice for interested parties on financing concepts, structural changes and other special requests
    • Creation of purchase or rental offer as well as detailed information about purchase ancillary costs and withdrawal rights, terms and conditions
    • Preparation for execution of the contract and full support until final signing of the purchase contract and the fiduciary settlement.
    • Organisation and management of the property handover
      1. Information for the property manager
      2. Creation of a handover protocol incl. reading of all utility consumption meters and photo documentation
      3. Handover of keys
    • Continued support and assistance even after the purchase process
  • Our services for the buyer
    • Clarification of the eligibility of your property for financial support
    • Detailed research on the property to be purchased
    • Precise examination and evaluation of your ideas regarding budget and location
    • Study of the home ownership contract and building records
    • Collection of all relevant data from land registers and authorities
    • Survey of the condition of the property to be acquired
    • Information on tax and legal aspects for when buying a property
    • Advice and support for questions about the purchase contract
    • You can be assured: the properties we manage are listed at a fair market price
    • Complimentary searches: Targeted property search according to your wishes and attention-grabbing presentation of your listing on our website
  • Our services for landlords
    • Creation of professional photographic material
    • Preparation of the real estate documents for a detailed exposé (creation of a text, processing of the planning documents, obtaining up-to-date land registry extracts, etc.)
    • Regular identification of interested parties
    • Observance, organisation and handling of viewing appointments
    • Advertisements in various print media, as needed after consultation
    • Professional support up to successful rental
    • Home and key collection (handover protocol, reading of all utility consumption meters, photo documentation)
    • Payment of the fee for the rental contract to the tax office
  • Our services for tenants
    • Transfer of all relevant data, information and documents
    • Assistance with re-registration of electricity, gas, water, etc.
    • Accompaniment or assistance with the signing of the rental agreement and beyond
  • Our services as property developers

    We have made it our mission to create more housing in Tyrol. Sustainability is at the core of what we do, for our clients and for the environment, executing the highest quality and safety in every project. We are passionate about what we do, and your individual requests and desires are always at the root of any task we face. As a fundamental element of the service we offer careful selection of properties regarding central transport connections and promising locations, as well as paying attention to there being suitable green areas in and around our potential developments and homes.
    Our range of services includes:

    General planning
    Site preparation, creation of feasibility studies and progress reports reviewing overall architectural and technical performance from design to the completion of a turnkey project. Construction support and supervision at all stages of a project’s implementation. From the client's idea to planning, financing, execution to purchase or further chosen action.

    Local construction supervision
    Organisation, coordination and supervision of the staff on the construction site.

    Project management
    Project management, organisation, coordination and supervision of architects and consultants.

    Project development and construction of a multi-dwelling complex.

    Construction Coordination Act
    Guarantee that the professional conduct of the project manager, planning and construction site coordinator is in accordance with all legal requirements.

  • Our services in the valuation of your property
    • Valuation of your property (real property value and comparative sales method)
    • Preparation of market value reports
  • Our all-round service

    • Financing
    • Establishment of buying capability and financial position of interested parties
    • Rental service For our landlords, in addition to in-depth legal advice, we also take over all correspondence with the tenants, preparation of lease agreements, monitoring of end dates for rental contracts, handover and provision of rental properties, proof of property value, billing of income and expenses, reconciliations with the tax advisor and much more.
    • Removal service
    • Tradesmen services
    • Caretaker service
    • Home staging for viewings
    • Energy cost consultation and energy certificates
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